March 17, 2018

Why Is Personal Information Needed For A Quote

Does a website need your personal contact information in order to provide you with a life insurance quote?  The answer is simple – they don’t need it to quote.  Granted, if you are applying for a policy or requesting an application, your name, address, phone number and email address are needed, as the application needs to be sent somewhere.

However, why are you giving this information out only to get a quote?  The life insurance website does not need it.  All they need for a quote is your gender, date of birth, state of residence and some basic health and lifestyle information.  There is no need to add any personally-identifiable information to the above.

Why do some websites require your name and contact information in order to issue you a quote?  There are two very simple reasons:

  • The online agency wants your contact information so they can follow up with you to try to sell you the policy.  As a salesman myself, I can’t fault another salesperson for following up on, what appears to be, a qualified “lead.”  However, is this why you chose to use the Internet to research life insurance?  If you’re like most folks we speak to, you are using the Internet to avoid high-pressure sales calls.
  • The website is gathering your information so they can sell it.  These “lead-generation” websites generate income by marketing insurance leads to life insurance agents and brokers.  Some of these sites will actually sell your information to multiple agents, who will then contact you to sell you life insurance.  Again, I’m not faulting the agents and brokers for attempting to sell life insurance to “qualified leads,” but, as I mentioned before, is this why you’re researching life insurance on the Internet?

There are some websites that are used solely for the purpose of lead generation that will sell your information to other agents and brokers.  They require you to submit your contact information multiple time – the first for their own marketing efforts, then when you submit the information, you are given access to other vendors.  For each vendor you want a quote from, you have to submit your information again.  Some of those vendors are also lead generators, so they might sell your information to even more agents and brokers.  You might be getting a lot more phone calls about life insurance than you were expecting.  So much for the convenience of the Internet.

If you would like to get life insurance quotes online without having to give out your personal contact information,look no further than DFW Life Insurance.  Only when you are ready to apply, will you need to submit your name and contact information.

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