April 20, 2018

Insurance Rates

A common question among people buying life insurance is “How much is it going to cost me?” or “What is the insurance rate for life insurance?”. And the answer, like most answers, depends on many factors. So let’s try to break down what goes into a life insurance rate. Here are a few: age, health, family history, geographical location, type of insurance, and length of term. There are other factors that determine insurance rates but we won’t discuss them here. So the insurance company takes all of this into consideration, and there are a lot of insurance companies providing life insurance these days, and they determine a rate for you.

Here is where we step in. We regularly shop 27 of the highest rated life insurance companies. We know their intricacies of how they operate and what they are looking for. This cuts down on the time it takes you to find the best rate. Based on your specific information we already know which insurance companies will write you a policy and we know which one will do it for the cheapest. We save you time and money.

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