April 20, 2018

John Hancock Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important component of any sound financial plan.  It can provide financial protection for your family—or your business—in the event of your premature death. At John Hancock, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of life insurance products that have been designed to be extremely competitive and provide real value. Whether you are looking for guaranteed death benefit protection, low-cost coverage or consistently strong cash value accumulation potential, John Hancock has a product to meet your needs!

Why John Hancock Life Insurance?

  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio: Offers a broad product portfolio—including term, universal, and variable life insurance—tailored to meet clients’ unique needs.
  • Underwriting Expertise: Providing competitive, flexible and innovative underwriting.
  • Demonstrated Financial Strength: With over 140 years of experience, John Hancock is among the highest-rated insurance companies, as judged by the major rating agencies.

Mailing Address Information

For life insurance claims:
John Hancock Life Insurance
Suite 1101
1 John Hancock Way
Boston MA 02217-1099

For other service requests:
John Hancock Life Insurance
PO Box 772
Boston, MA 02117